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Latin American Public Opinion Project: Download Instructions

The Latin American Public Opinion Project, hosted at Vanderbilt University, has been operating since the 1980s. Surveys are available for various countries for different years and may or may not have English translations.

You MUST complete an IRB application!

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers using these data must have fulfilled all IRB requirements.  Researchers may start their IRB applications with the Office of Human Research Ethics (see link on the Requirements tab).

File Arrangement

The download directory presents sub-directories for each country by single year of survey (e.g., "1983 Costa Rica," "1985 Costa Rica," etc.).

Within a given sub-directory, compressed files are available to download in .rar* or .zip format for the convenience of downloading the questionnaire and data file together. The files are also provided individually should a user want to examine one file without the others. You do not need to download both the compressed and uncompressed files. Note, however, that the survey documentation is not included in the compressed files; these are usually .pdf files.

*.rar files may be decompressed with programs like:

Go to Data Download Site

Access the download site to see the years available for each country. You will need to log in with your Onyen.

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