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Latin American Public Opinion Project: Requirements

The Latin American Public Opinion Project, hosted at Vanderbilt University, has been operating since the 1980s. Surveys are available for various countries for different years and may or may not have English translations.

You MUST Complete an IRB Application!

UNC-Chapel Hill researchers using these data must have fulfilled all IRB requirements.  Researchers may start their IRB applications with the Office of Human Research Ethics (see link below).

Licensed Data

These data are licensed by the UNC library from Vanderbilt University's LAPOP office, which license imposes these restrictions: 

  • They may only be used for educational purposes; no commercial use is allowed. 
  • They may NOT be deposited to a journal.  Consequently, articles based on these data may only be published with journals that do not require data deposit.
  • They may not be shared with anyone not affililated with UNC.  Other universities also serve as repositories for LAPOP data, however, so non-UNC researchers should check with LAPOP to see if their institution is a repository (see link below).
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