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Legal Help in North Carolina

Resources for anyone in NC who needs legal help.

Introduction - Legal Help in North Carolina

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Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

The pandemic and recent economic turmoil have damaged countless lives and livelihoods. Many of us were already struggling. If you need assistance with government benefits, landlord-tenant issues, divorce, child custody, disability services, domestic violence, expungement of criminal records or other issues, there are legal services designed to help. This guide, organized by type of service, will point you to resources, some free, others designed to be low-cost. We hope it will connect you with the help you need.

While we cannot guarantee the quality of any of the resources in this guide, we have taken care to only include reputable organizations and government service providers that have expertise in these areas. Your best option is to consult North Carolina state and federal government resources first.They will often alert you to free or low-cost assistance and steer you away from scams. You can also:

  • Seek help from Legal Aid of North Carolina, which provides legal service to people with low-incomes.
  • Register a complaint about violations with the North Carolina Attorney General's office.
  • Seek legal assistance through the NC Bar Foundation. Its programs include advice clinics, business related legal assistance, and for first responders a will drafting program.