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Getting Started with Macintosh: Welcome

Created by Health Science Librarians



Welcome to Getting Started with Macintosh. The purpose of this guide is to help new Mac users get up and running as quickly and smoothly as possible.

UNC at Chapel HIll has added Apple Macintosh to the Carolina Computing Initiative (CCI). This guide covers Macintosh features important for new users.

As with many applications, the Mac operating system (OS) user interface is pretty much consistent from one version to another, but if you are using a version other than OS 10.6, some features may work a little differently.

This guide includes the following sections:

  • Mac User Interface Essentials
  • Working with Applications
  • Resources for Learning

Why Macintosh?

The Apple Macintosh is known for its innovative user interface and features. And it is a favorite platform of graphics and media professionals. Having a Mac computer also has the advantage of offering better integration with other Apple products, such as iPhone, iPad and iPod.

Most of the best selling software programs available for Microsoft Windows are also available on the Mac platform. For example, Microsoft Office and the Adobe software programs are available for both platforms. There are often minor differences between the Windows and Mac versions of software applications, but the differences are minor enough that for most people, the transition is easy.

Some of the advantages of Mac computers are described on Apple's  webpage called "Why You'll Love a Mac" at



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