Getting Started with Macintosh: Resources for Learning

Resources for Learning

Resources for learning

There are many valuable resources for learning about Apple Macintosh computers, and software for the Macintosh. The following are some of the resources we have found to be helpful.

Apple's website:

Beyond the marketing information you would expect, there are also  some valuable tutorials on Apple's site.  See especially the "Find Out How" section at

Macworld website:

Macworld is an excellent source of news and reviews about Apple, the Macintosh, and software.

Screencasts Online:

The home of Don McAllister's excellent video tutorials devoted exclusively to Macintosh and Mac software.

David Pogue:

New York Times columnist and author of many Macintosh-related books.

The best source for online software tutorials (both for Macintosh and Windows)

Resources for Learning


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