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MEJO 424: Media Management and Policy

Library To Do List

Please complete these tasks prior to our library class session.

  1. Read "Scholarly and Popular Materials” from N.C. State University Libraries.
  2. Watch Boolean Operators Tutorial: AND & OR 
  3. Complete Self-Check #1, AND & OR
  4. Watch Search Tips for EBSCO
  5. Complete Self-Check #2, Searching for 424

These exercises will take 20-30 minutes and will improve your ability to research for your paper!

1. Read

Read "Scholarly and Popular Materials” from N.C. State University Libraries.


#1 - Good Search Terms: Video & Self-check

Watch AND & OR

Impatient? YouTube Tips:

  • Go back 10 seconds: J
  • Go forward 10 seconds: L
  • Click the gear icon & then click speed to watch faster or slower than normal speed.
  • Toggle play/pause: K or Spacebar

2. Self-check #1: AND & OR

This self-check covers a bit more about using AND & OR for searching. There are correct answers, but don't worry - it is not graded! We want you to be able to check your work. 

Searching in EBSCO

#2 - Searching EBSCO: Video & Self-check

3. Search Tips for EBSCO

EBSCO search

Find Scholarly & Trade Articles Here

(Search Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, & Communication and Mass Media Complete together)

4. Self-check #2: Searching for 424

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