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MEJO 703: Research Methods: Pre-Class Activities

Library To Do List

Here are five tasks for you to complete prior to the library instruction.""

  1. Complete Search Scenario, Part 1
  2. Watch Library Hacks videos (11 min.)
  3. Complete Search Scenario, Part 2
  4. Make an account in EBSCO.
  5. Take the post-pre-class survey at
  6. Stuck? Text us (919) 442-8077.

(image: TeroVesalainen on Pixabay)

Task 1: Search Scenario, part 1

You are researching relationships between parents and college students. Your advisor suggested you read these articles: 

  1. Berríos-Allison, A. C. (2005). Family Influences on College Students’ Occupational Identity. Journal of Career Assessment, 13(2), 233–247.
  2. Price, E. W., & Prosek, E. A. (2020). The Lived Experiences of GLB College Students Who Feel Supported by their Parents. Journal of GLBT Family Studies, 16(1), 83–102

How QUICKLY can you find the full-text of these two articles (at no cost to you)? You do not have to ACTUALLY retrieve both articles -- just know how you WOULD get them if you needed to.

Task 2: Watch These Search Tips

Watch these five Library Hacks videos.""

Task 3: Search Scenario, part 2

Find four articles for your Topic.

  • Use any search terms you like. 
    • Keep track of what terms you use so you can modify them.
    • Sample Search Log on this page or create your own.
  • Search EBSCO or Google Scholar (see below)
  • When you find the articles, use EBSCO to …

Task 3: Search EBSCO

Find Scholarly & Trade Articles Here

(Search Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier, & Communication and Mass Media Complete together)

Task 5: Your Thoughts?

Task 4: Chat or Text the Library


Interlibrary Loan

Carolina BLU logo and link

Can't find the article, book, or report you need at our library? You can request it from another library through interlibrary loan.

Task 3: Search Google Scholar

Google Scholar at UNC logo

Luker's Sample Search Log

sample search log

Search Log from Luker, K. (2008). Salsa dancing into the social sciences: Research in an age of info-glut. Cambridge, Mass: Harvard University Press.