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Preparing for the Bar Exam

This research guide highlights useful resources for completing your bar exam application, provides an overview of UNC School of Law’s bar preparation offerings, and identifies some test-taking strategies and tips for success on the bar exam.


UNC Law Library Resources for Bar Exam Preparation

UNC Law Library Resources for Bar Exam Preparation

UNC Law Library Resources

The following are a sample of titles from the UNC Law Library that touch on bar exam preparation and test-taking strategies. The majority of these titles are held in the Law School Study Aids Collection. You can view the full collection of materials here.

UNC Health and Wellness Resources

UNC Campus Health Services

Stress Management and Relaxation Strategies

UNC Campus Health Services offers a variety of resources and strategies for managing exam stress and anxiety. These resources include 10 quick strategies for stress management, breathing exercises that you can utilize during the bar exam, and progressive muscle relaxation exercises.

UNC Campus Recreation

Access to UNC Fitness Centers

Maintaining an exercise routine throughout the bar exam preparation period is very important! Exercise is not only good for your body, but it is also good for your mind and can help increase your focus and ability to retain large amounts of information. If you decide to study and prepare for the bar exam at UNC School of Law, you can purchase a Limited Use Extended Guest Pass to use the facilities at Fetzer Hall and Woollen Gym. This summer membership also includes access to all fitness classes offered during the summer. The cost is $50.

American Bar Association Resources

American Bar Association Resources

30 Tips: Bar Exam Prep Webinar

The American Bar Association offers a "30 Tips: Bar Exam Prep" webinar for free on its website. The webinar originally aired in 2018, but you are still able to register and immediately view the webinar without charge. The webinar covers study schedules, mindset and attitude, taking practice tests, and important things to remember for the exam week.

Student Lawyer Edition: How to Deal with Law School Stress

The March 2018 edition of The Student Lawyer addressed the idea of wellness and finding the proper balance of mental, physical, and emotional health. There are a variety of articles on topics related to wellness while in law school, including how to evaluate your stress level, strategies for dealing with pressure, and ways to improve your mental and physical health during stressful periods. These articles apply to law school in general, but many of their suggestions and ideas can be helpful for individuals preparing for the bar exam too.