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Register for an ORCID iD and Link It to Your UNC ID

Register for an ORCID iD and link your new or existing ORCID iD to your UNC ID (PID) at the UNC-Chapel Hill ORCID Creation and Connection Portal (Portal). ORCID registration is free and takes less than a minute. The Portal will take you to the ORCID website to login to your ORCID account or create one if you do not have one. To create an ORCID iD / account:

  • Fill in all the required fields on the form
  • Check the box next to “I’m not a robot”
  • Check the box to accept the terms and conditions
  • Click the “register” button at the bottom to submit the completed form

Once you have registered, your ORCID iD will look like “orcid.org/0000-0003-1079-1779.”

Go to "My ORCID Record" under the "For Researchers" tab to start importing your works (see box below) and adding to your record.

If you think you may already have an ORCID iD, but don't know the number or have multiple ORCID iDs please contact ORCID support.

Creating an ORCID Record: Personal Vs Institutional Accounts

Upon opening the ORCID homepage, click on the Sign In button in the top right hand corner.  

Orcid Sign In Button

If you have never signed in before you have two options: a personal account or an institutional account.

 ORCID Personal Account or Institutional Account Sign-In

It is recommended to create a Personal Account when you register for the first time.  This is to avoid getting locked out of your account if you lose access to your Institutional account once you graduate or leave UNC .  

You can then link your personal ORCID account to your UNC ONYEN account by clicking the Institutional account tab.  It will ask you for your affiliation and you can search for UNC-Chapel Hill.  Once you login to ORCID with your ONYEN and password it will prompt you to link your personal ORCID account to your institutional account.    NOTE: this linking step is separate and unrelated to the linking of your ORCID iD and your UNC ID (PID) that you complete at the UNC-Chapel Hill ORCID Creation and Connection Portal.

Import Works to ORCID

In your ORCID record, you have three options to add your works "search & link," "import BibTeX" and "add manually":

Add works to ORCID profile screenshot

1. Search & link

If you already use one or more of the following listed tools, “search and link” will be the best way for you to import your works to your ORCID record. Please click on a preferred tool to start.

Search and link works to ORCID profile screenshot

ORCID will ask you to authorize the chosen tool to access to your ORCID record. Please click the "Authorize" button to proceed. Follow the instructions on the website of your chosen tool to identify your works. After you finish, your works will be sent to your ORCID record automatically.‚Äč ORCID allows you to try one or several of the "search & link" tools, sequentially. You may choose to allow Trusted Parties to update or add to your record.  For more information, check ORCID support on Link Works.

Authorize trusted parties to add works to ORCID screenshot


2. Import BibTex

If you choose to import your works from a citation management tool, please make sure to export your works from the reference management software in BibTex format. BibTex is supported by most citation management software, including EndNote, Refworks, Mendeley, and Zetero. Check this citation manager comparison guide for more information about citation management software.

How to import your works to ORCID from your preferred reference management tools:

  • Export your works in BibTex format from your preferred reference management tool and save it on your computer
  • Log into your ORCID record and import the saved BibTex file by choosing the "Import BibTex" option
  • If you have questions see ORCID support on Import Works

For details of exporting instructions for reference management tools, please check the following links:


3. Add manually

It is best practice to setup and authorized ORCID partner organizations like Scopus, CrossRef, DataCite and others to add your works to your ORCID record whenever possible so that the information is validated and complete.  If there are cases where you need to add works to your ORCID record manually, choose the "Add manually" option and follow the instructions on the ORCID webpage.

Displaying Your ORCID iD on Your Website or Email Signature

1. Displaying ORCID iD on your personal website

Once you log into your ORCID record, you will see to the left of your Education and Employment information, in the sidebar, and option to Display your iD on other sites.


Clicking on this link will open box below with HTML code that you can paste into the code of your website.  

Copy and paste this HTML code into your site's HTML in the area in which you want it to appear. Note that the font and text color will match your sites defaults and may not look like the Preview seen on the ORCID website.

2. Inserting your ORCID iD into your email signature.  

To insert your ORCID iD with the ORCID logo icon into your email signature, click on the Display your iD on other sites link on the right sidebar of your profile.

Click on this option to open the HTML code used to display your ORCID iD on websites.  

Under the code you will see a preview of what your ORCID iD will look like when it is embedded.  You can select this link with your cursor and copy and paste it into your email signature.


Once pasted into your signature, it will look similar to this

Please note that ORCID asks that you don't alter their logo in anyway.  To view the full guidelines on using their logo, see their Trademark and ID display guidelines.  


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