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ORCID: Open Researcher and Contributor ID: Your ORCID Record: Beyond Basics

Created by Health Science Librarians

Library Data Services

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  • Spaces for collaboration and presentation, complete with white boards and external displays.
  • Technology short courses and programs that promote digital scholarship.

Setting up a Trusted Individual

In ORCID, Trusted Individuals are other ORCID users who you have allowed to have access to edit your ORCID record.  They are allowed to edit the content within your record and add connections with external systems.  They are not allowed to make changes that require a log in with your password.

To add someone as a Trusted Individual go to Account Settings.  ORCID account settings screenshot

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where you will see the Trusted Individual section.  Trusted Individual search bar screenshot

You can search for other ORCID users via ORCID iD, email, or name.  Once you have found the record of the person who you want to add as a Trusted Individual, click the add button next to the person's ORCID iD. Adding an ORCID user as a trusted individual screenshot

It will then ask you to confirm the add of this person as a Trust Individual. Click Add.

Confirm addition of Trusted Individual screenshot

If for some reason you would like to remove a person as a Trusted Individual from your record, you can do so by clicking the trash can icon next to the access granted date.  

Remove a Trusted Individual screenshot

It will ask you to confirm revocation of Trusted Individual.  Click Revoke access.  This person will not longer be able to edit your record.  

Confirm Revocation of Trusted Individual screenshot

Importing Citations from ORCID to a Biosketch in SciENcv

SciENcv (Science Expert Network Curriculum Vitae) is a feature in My NCBI that allows users to create a shareable professional profile. When creating a Biosketch in SciENcv, you have the option to link your Biosketch to your ORCID record, and by doing so you can import your ORCID citations directly into your Biosketch. 

If you are creating a new Biosketch, you can choose an external data source, like ORCID, to import your information. 

You will need to link your ORCID account to your My NCBI account in order to use ORCID as an external data source for your biosketch. To do this, click the hyperlink “link to an ORCID account” under the drop-down box. Type “ORCID” into the search box labeled “Search for account name” or scroll though the list.

You will be redirected to and asked to sign in with your ORCID account ID and password. Click “Authorize” to link your NCBI account to your ORCID account.

You will then be taken back to your NCBI Linked Accounts page. ORCID should now be displayed under the menu titled “Your Linked Accounts.”

You will then be able to proceed with creating a new Biosketch. More information on linking accounts to My NCBI is available here.


If you have already created your Biosketch, there will be a box where you can edit your personal information.  

Clicking on Edit will open a box titled Edit Personal Information.  At the bottom there is the option to add an ORCID iD to this profile.

Add ORCID iD to SciENcv biosketch when editing Personal Information screenshot

You will be prompted to sign into your ORCID record.  Once it updates, you will see your ORCID iD number has been linked.  

ORCID iD added to SciENcv biosketch screenshot


Once your ORCID is linked ot your Biosketch, you can import your citations into the Personal Statement section or the Contributions to Science section.  Below is illustrated how to import into your Contributions to Science; it is the same procedure for the Personal Statement.  

Edit Contribution to Science

Clicking on Edit Section will allow you to edit your contributions. Then click on Edit Citations.  This will bring up two tabs: My Bibliography and ORCID.  Click on the ORCID tab.  Edit SciENcv and add citations from ORCID screenshot

Clicking on Refresh the list from ORCID will load a list of all of the citations you have made public in ORCID.  

SciENcv citation list with works from ORCID screenshot

Check the citations that you would like to add to your Contributions to Science and click Add Citations.

Importing Citations from My NCBI to ORCID

At this time there is no quick way to move citations from My NCBI to ORCID. However, you can download your citations from My NCBI as plain text (.txt) files (shown in the first steps below) and use an online software to convert .txt to .bib files. ORCID will allow you to upload your files in .bib format. 

You can also import your citations by downloading them from My NCBI into a citation manager and then uploading the citations from the citation manage to ORCID. Below, the method for downloading and uploading from EndNote is illustrated.  

From your My NCBI bibliography, you can download all or select citations that you have uploaded to your account. 

Download My NCBI citations as Text screenshot

These will download to a text file which you can then import into an EndNote library.
Open a new library in EndNote.  Under File and Import, click on File, which will bring up a dialog box in which you can import the text file you downloaded with your PubMed citations.  

Import Text File into EndNote screenshot

Make sure the Import Option is set to PubMed (NLM) then click Choose... and select the text file you downloaded from PubMed.  Click Import.  It may take a few moments before all of you citations are upload to your library, depending on the number of citations you have.  

To upload these citations to ORCID, select the citations you want to move to ORCID by holding the Control key and clicking the desired citations.  From the EndNote Edit menu, go to Output Styles and make sure that BibTeX Export is selected. After you have selected BibTeX Export as your output style, under File, select export.  Once the export box comes up, ensure that Text File (.txt) is selected for Save as type and BibTex Export is selected as the Output style.  

Bibtex Export from EndNote screenshot

Back in your ORCID record, scroll down to the Works section.  Next to the section title, you will see the option to Add works.  Rolling over that will drop down a box and you have the option to Import BibTeX.

Use Add Works in ORCID to bring in EndNote BibTeX Export file screenshot

An Import BibTeX box will appear.  Select Choose file.  

Choose BibTeX Export file for addition to ORCID

Select the file that you saved your exported your citations in and click Open.  Your citations will appear under this box.  You will have the option to save individual citations or all of them.  Import BibTeX Export file and save citations in ORCID profile screenshot

Your citations from MyNCBI will now appear in your ORCID record.

Questions? Contact the UNC ORCID Team

Contact the UNC ORCID Team with any questions or issues that you may have.

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