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History of the Performing Arts at UNC-Chapel Hill: Visual Materials

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UNC Ephemera

Ephemera are materials created for a specific event, activity or program and intended to be discarded after use. Performance programs, flyers, brochures, posters, and invitations are included in this category.

Notable performance-specific series in this collection are:

  • Series 2: Howard Waynick Music Ephemera
  • Series 6: Elsie Earle Lawson Modern Dance Ephemera
  • Series 11: Frank Carter Jubilee Footage,1970

Schedule from Elsie Earle Lawson Modern Dance Ephemera Collection

Dance Conference Schedule

Newspapers and Yearbooks

The Daily Tar Heel

The Daily Tar Heel is a student-run newspaper for the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Black Ink

Black Ink is a student-run newspaper at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill written and distributed by the Black Student Movement. There are several articles and photographs featuring BSM performance groups, such as the Opeyo! Dance Company and the BSM Gospel Choir, as well as information about the Black Arts Festival.

Yackety Yack

Yackety Yack, UNC's yearbook, can be a good source of information and photographs related to major concerts on campus, student performing arts organizations, and festivals. They can be searched by keyword or browsed by year.