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Identifying Plagiarism: Purpose of Tutorial


Purpose of Tutorial

Davis Library at night

Through this tutorial, you will become more familiar with the issues surrounding plagiarism and will receive instruction on how to address this academic issue.

By completing this tutorial, you will learn:

Academic integrity is a complex issue. By being aware and using the support network available to you, you will be able to navigate the complexities of plagiarism more effectively.

By following the guidelines in this tutorial, you can feel confident that you are using information responsibly and doing your part to uphold UNC’s Honor Code.


Plagiarism is an inherently complex academic issue. This tutorial and its self-check questions may be used in different ways. Once answered, each self-check displays a brief explanation of the correct answer and more detailed explanations to help you think about how your responsibilities as a student relate to plagiarism. Feel free to use whichever explanation works best for you and refer back to these questions to better understand some of the intricacies surrounding plagiarism.

This tutorial will take you approximately 25 minutes and includes an 8 question quiz at the end.