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Identifying Plagiarism: Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

The Instrument of Student Judicial Governance frames student commitments:

Ideals of academic honesty, personal integrity, and responsible citizenship are essential to the performance of all academic work and all other activities of students while members of the University community. (3)

These commitments outline the three distinct responsibilities you have as a student.

  • As a student, you have a responsibility to yourself:
    • To provide yourself with the best possible learning experience
    • To take advantage of opportunities to show your best work
    • To maintain your reputation as a member of the University and the academic community
  • You have a responsibility to the University as an institution:
    • To participate in and contribute to the standard of academic excellence at UNC; this commitment to academic excellence ultimately gives your degree value
    • To commit authentically to the learning experience that your instructors have designed for you
  • You also have a responsibility to the academic community:
    • To acknowledge and employ the standard of academic conversation
    • To engage and not distract from the earnest seeking of knowledge that is inherent to the academic community
    • To realize and not discredit otherwise quality and meaningful research