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PLAN 704 - Planning Theory

This is the course page for PLAN 704, Planning Theory, for the Spring semester, 2016.

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Philip McDaniel
Digital Research Services, Davis Library

(919) 962-3788

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Research & Writing Guides


In addition to the Chicago Manual of Style, The Bluebook will be helpful for understanding how to cite things involving government laws, etc. and court cases.

Recommended Books

A selection of books that provide insight into notable planning theories.

Searching for Books

When searching for books, try searching in the catalog for a specific city name combined with your topic.  For example, city planning raleigh will find all results with city planning -- north carolina -- raleigh in the subject headings, and the most relevant materials related to planning in the city of Raleigh, NC.  The following is a list of suggested subject headings:

Classic Plans - Chicago 1909

Classic Plans - New York 1929

Classic Plans - Radburn 1929

International Plans

Film & Video

Legal Resources

News Articles

Selected Resources & Article Databases

Article searching tips

When searching the preceding databases, use these tips for better results:

  • Use wildcard characters:  If searching for economic conditions, type the word econ* with an astericks. That will return economies, economic, economist and any other word that starts with [e c o n].
  • Use quotes:  When searching for two words, quotes will search for the words when they're next to each other.  Thomas Jefferson will return articles with Thomas Payne and Jefferson Starship.  But when "Thomas Jefferson" is searched, only those articles with his name will be returned.
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