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PLAN 714: Urban Spatial Structure

Spatial Data from the Census

Please note that these are boundary files only- they do not come with census attributes included.  For assistance in using these data, see the collection of tutorials Working with TIGER/Line Shapefiles.  

Spatial Data with Census Attributes

*Census Boundaries from Esri (limited attributes are included, such as population, age, race, sex, and housing - no income or education variables)

Census 2010

These data came with Esri Data & Maps for ArcGIS 10.1.  Although published in 2012, these data depict 2010 Census boundaries.

Census 2000

These data came with Esri Data & Maps 9.3.  Although published in 2008, these data depict 2000 Census boundaries. 

Census 1990

These data came with Esri Data & Maps (2000).  Although published in 2000, these data depict 1990 Census boundaries.

Important note about the Esri data: The lineage of these data include TomTom North America Inc., Geographic Data Technology Inc., TeleAtlas and Esri.  Like all spatial data, features from different sources will contain variations due to data lineage and processing steps.  Consult metadata for more information.

Additional Spatial Data

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