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Finding Play Analysis and Production Reviews: Home

What is in this guide?

Image of the Globe Theatre from Paula Funnell

Locating production reviews often involves detective work to establish when and where plays have been staged. The date and location of a particular production determine the best sources for reviews. Sources used to locate a review of a 19th century production of a play in New York will be very different from sources used to locate reviews of a current London production of a play.

Literary critical analysis may also be valuable in considering individual productions, and could have been written at any time since a play's original publication.

This guide lists some of the major resources both for finding reviews and identifying productions, and for locating critical analysis. It is organized into the following pages:

  • Databases - Provides links to databases where play reviews, or citations for play reviews, can be found
  • Reprint Sources - Provides links to resources providing full-text reprints of play reviews
  • Tracking Productions - Provides links to resources indicating productions of specific plays
  • Criticism - Provides links to resources that provide scholarly criticism of plays, including many resources focusing specifically on Shakespeare

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