Endnote Basic/Online/Web

This guide will provide support for students and researchers who are using either Endnote Basic or the full Endnote Online

What are Endnote Online and Endnote Basic?

Over the past couple of years, Endnote (which used to be a desktop citation management system) has moved into the cloud. As of September 2016, the cloud version comes in 2 flavors:

  1. Endnote Basic: This is the free version of Endnote. You can sign up for it through Endnote's website here, or through UNC's Web of Science subscription (instructions for this on the next page). Endnote Basic comes with limited features--for example, you will have less storage space than in the full version, and you will not be able to mark up PDFs within the program. On the upside, it is free, and may be a good substitute for Refworks, at least temporarily.
  2. Endnote Online: This is the cloud based service that comes with the full version of Endnote Desktop. Note that you will need to purchase the full Endnote before you can use it. For more information on how to purchase Endnote, see below.

How to Get EndNote

Students can purchase EndNote at a discounted price at the  Student Stores. Currently it can only be purchase in person.

Faculty and Staff can purchase EndNote with departmental funds (if available) through ITS Software Acquisition.
UNC affiliates can also create an Endnote Basic account (which offers more limited features than the full version) through UNC's subscription to the Web of Science database. To see how, take a look at our Endnote Basics page here.
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