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Designing Effective Posters

Learn how to design and publish effective posters. This guide includes sections on design elements, the poster design process, and using software to create posters.

Welcome! The purpose of Designing Effective Posters is to help you communicate through a poster. This research guide includes the following sections:

Getting Started With PowerPoint and Adobe InDesign: This is where you'll find introductory information on setting up your poster. PowerPoint and InDesign are two of the most common software programs used for poster creation. 

Adding and Revising Content with PowerPoint: If you don't have experience with InDesign, we recommend using PowerPoint to create your poster. It's very user-friendly and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. 

Adding and Revising Content with InDesign: If you want to incorporate advanced design features into your poster, try Adobe InDesign. It has a much steeper learning curve but it very versatile. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac. 

Design Elements: Several design elements make up a successful poster. 

  • Design and Layout: Learn more about details like alignment, spacing, and fonts in this section. 
  • Images and Graphics: Images and graphics are essential to posters. Here are some notes on finding images and using logos.
  • Evaluation Checklist: We created a sheet that you can save and download when you want to evaluate a poster. This is where you'll find it!
  • Examples: See some real examples of posters for inspiration. 

Design Process and Printing: Describes the tasks for creating a poster. Refer to this section for help with planning and carrying out your poster project.

Good luck! 

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