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Designing Effective Posters: UNC Logos

Learn how to design and publish effective posters. This guide includes sections on design elements, the poster design process, and using software to create posters.

UNC Logos for Posters

Students, faculty, and researchers at UNC are welcome to include the official UNC logo on their posters. Many schools and departments encourage the use of their specific logo, in addition to or in place of the general UNC logo. 

Before using a logo on your poster, please take a few minutes to review the UNC's University Branding and Identity Guidelines. The university has very strict rules about when and how the official logo may be used. When creating your poster, you'll want to pay extra attention to the following requirements:

  • The logo may not be distorted, tilted, cropped, or edited in any way (other than resizing the image).
  • The typeface and color of the logo may not be changed. The logo is available in Carolina Blue, white, and black.
  • There must be ample "clear space" around the logo in order to preserve its visibility. See the Identity Guidelines for more information. 
  • Only the horizontal logo may be used on posters. 

If you have any questions about using the logo on a poster, please contact your school or department, or UNC Design Services, for more information. 

Note: You will need a hi-resolution print version for posters.

Remember that when viewing the white logos, your screen may look blank! You'll need to copy/paste the logo on a dark background to view it.