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Sarah Morris

Humanities Research and Digital Instruction Librarian
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Sarah Morris
Pronouns: She/her/hers
123 Davis Library
As the Humanities Research and Digital Instruction Librarian, I help faculty and students articulate and explore their questions. I support the English & Comparative Literature, American Studies, Religious Studies, and Jewish Studies departments and program in their research and teaching, and work with all faculty and students who are interested in digital pedagogy and alternate assignments. I also act as liaison to the Office of Distinguished Scholarship and have a keen interest in supporting undergraduate research.

Schedule an appointment with me if you're interested in or need support for any of these topics: American Studies, Jewish Studies, Religious Studies, English & Comparative Literature, creating digital exhibits, creating digital assignments, sequencing or scaffolding research assignments, topic formation, finding and evaluating sources, incorporating evidence, visualizing research, undergraduate research, living the questions.

My Guides

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