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What is Digital Pedagogy?

On the surface, digital pedagogy is about teaching with digital technology, but at its core, it encompasses the critical analysis of digital elements and encourages instructors and students to find innovative ways of thinking about material.

"Digital pedagogy is important because it is willing to improvise, to respond to a new environment, to experiment."

- Sean Michael Morris, "Decoding Digital Pedagogy Pt. 1: Beyond the LMS" in Hybrid Pedagogy

Digital Project Types

Get started with different types of digital projects on each page linked below:

Lesson Planning

lesson planning iconA good in-class digital project is thoughtfully planned. In the lesson planning tab, you will find…

  • Who can help you with your classes and how
  • Templates and samples for planning projects
  • Lesson planning resources


The library is here to partner with you to imagine, plan, and teach effective digital projects in order to innovate in the classroom and beyond. However, we have limited capacity to take on projects each semester, so get in touch in advance! 


The library is not typically able to take on extensive teaching commitments or technical support for students outside of class. If you're considering implementing an innovative assignment in your class, it's best to involve librarians early in the planning process to figure out the best way to collaborate.


Finding Help

To get started with digital pedagogy and lesson planning after exploring this guide, contact Sarah Morris ( or (919) 962-2094).

Humanities Research and Digital Instruction Librarian

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Sarah Morris
Pronouns: She/her/hers
123 Davis Library

Humanities Data Librarian

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Rolando Rodriguez
239D Davis Library
(919) 962-9590