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Records Management at UNC-Chapel Hill: Home

This guide contains information and tips for UNC-Chapel Hill employees about records management requirements and procedures.

UNC-Chapel Hill Records Management Policy

The General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule

As of Spring 2021, UNC at Chapel Hill and the UNC System Office will use the General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule for the University of North Carolina system. This retention schedule is administered by the NC Department of Natural and Cultural Resources, Division of Archives and Records. 

The General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule provides instructions on how long records need to be retained for legal, fiscal, and historical purposes. The current Retention Schedule supersedes all previous records retention and disposition schedules that may have been created for individual units; and serves all administrative, academic, and health affairs units of the University. 

If you think a record type is missing from the schedule or if you've found an error in the schedule, please contact University Archives. 

Using this Guide

This guide provides information on the following topics:

  • The Records Schedule - learn about the General Records Retention and Disposition Schedule and how to use it
  • Getting Started - learn why we manage records, what records are, basic overview of key terminology
  • Review Strategies - learn about how to review large amounts of records and organization tips
  • Digital records - learn about some unique digital records issues as well as tips on file organization
  • Sensitive Records - learn about what information needs to be confidential and protected as you manage records
  • Transfer to Archives - learn when and how to send some permanent records to the University Archives
  • FAQ - this page provides a list of answers to commonly asked questions

About Records Management Services

Records Management Services has been part of University Archives since 2002. The scheduling of records began as early as 1985 and a formal records management program was instituted in 1991. Before becoming part of the University Archives, the records management program was part of the Office of the Provost. Visit the University Archives and Records Management website for more information on the University Archives collections. 

Upcoming RM Trainings

We offer trainings twice a semester through the Office of Human Resources. Visit the OHR website or access the Carolina Talent portal via ConnectCarolina to sign up.