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SOCI 691H: Honors Thesis in Sociology

Remote research support

If you are hitting a paywall when trying to read an article...

  1. Try using our link builder. This adds a proxy to the URL that will prompt you for your onyen and password.
  2. Try clearing the cache in the web browser you are using. Close the browser completely and then open it back up to try the URL again.
  3. Send me an email at or chat with a librarian at 

Tips and Tricks

Note the difference between peer-reviewed literature (in Sociological Abstracts, for instance) and working papers (NBER). Working papers are often timely and valid to use, but haven't gone through formal peer review.

Web of Science is good for identifying and ranking key journals and highly-cited articles in any field or subfield of the social sciences.

You could also find a journal that's just perfect for your topic. Search our list of e-journals.

See how others have done it: search for dissertations and theses below.

Dissertations and Theses

UNC Catalog Search

Working Papers

Core Sociology Literature and Papers


Other Sources for Literature

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