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A History of the Creation of the Department of (Allied) Health Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill: Relevant Archival Collections

This guide details the winding history of the creation of the Department of Allied Health Sciences at UNC-Chapel Hill, as determined by archival research. It reveals the people and processes involved along the way.

Created by Health Science Librarians

Relevant Archival Collections

40022 - Office of the Chancellor: Joseph Carlyle Sitterson Records, 1966-1972 (Box 24)

40110 - Office of the Vice Provost for Health Affairs Records, 1932-2005 (Box 54, 80-81)

40112 - Office of Allied Health Sciences Records, 1969-1978 (Box 01)

40115 - University Committee on Allied Health Records, 1973-1974 (Folders 1-2)

40118 - Office of the Dean of the School of Medicine Records, 1905-1998 (Boxes 2:1:8-2:1:10)

40120 - Records of the School of Public Health, 1930-1998 (Box 1:9)

Digital NC - Record of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill - The School of Medicine [1974] (Course Bulletin, 1973-1974)

The Louis Round WILSON LIBRARY Special Collections