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Nursing Research Council: Apply to Conduct a Study at UNC Medical Center

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NEW Application Instructions

Instructions for Applicants There is a new process for applying for NRC Project Review. Please read through the instructions to the end.

  1. Download and fill out appropriate application Word document from this list.
  2. Download and fill out any supporting templates you need from this list (optional).
    • Letter of Support - UNC-MC Stakeholder
    • Letter of Support - Faculty Advisor
    • PDSA Worksheet
    • Program Evaluation - in development
    • Implementation Science - in development
  3. Please follow instructions for naming your application files found on the application Word documents. All filenames should start with your last name.

When your application is ready, and you have all supporting documents ready:

  • Follow this LINK to the Nursing Research Council Application Form and fill out the demographic survey. There will be fields to upload the application and supporting documents. The upload fields will only work if you are working within the hospital firewall (must be able to log in with U number). 
  • If you need to submit your application from outside the firewall, please use this Form LINK instead. If submitting from outside the firewall, there are no upload fields on the form, so email the application and all supporting documents to

Before You Begin Your Study

Applying to Conduct Research / Quality Improvement Projects

Steps to Follow:

  1. ​​Read the NRC Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

  2. Check the Application Submission Calendar for relevant deadlines.

  3. Download a copy of the NRC application before you begin to edit it. See above application forms.

  4. Receive NRC (and IRB, if applicable) approval and conduct your project.

  5. Submit the NRC Final Report Form when you have completed your project.

For More Information

After Your Study Is Completed

Submit the NRC Final Report Form when you have completed your project.