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Digital Study Aids by Legal Topic

A guide to digital study aids available through the UNC Law Library.

Professional Responsibility and Ethics Digital Study Aids

The following titles are available to the UNC Law community through digital study aids collections provided by the UNC Law Library. You will need current UNC Law credentials (ONYEN and password) to access these resources. This is not a complete list of all digital study aids available. For more details about UNC Law Library digital study aid collections, please see the introductory page of this research guide or contact

Aspen Learning Library


  • Mastering Professional Responsibility, 2nd Ed. (2016) (LexisNexis)
  • Questions & Answers: Professional Responsibility, 4th Ed. (2018) (LexisNexis)
  • Understanding Lawyers Ethics, 5th Ed. (2016) (LexisNexis)

West Academic

  • A Short & Happy Guide to the MPRE, 1st Ed. (2016) (West Academic)
  • Acing Professional Responsibility, 4th Ed. (2020) (West Academic)
  • Black Letter Outline on Professional Responsibility, 9th Ed. (2011) (West Academic)
  • Developing Professional Skills: Professional Responsibility, 1st Ed. (2018) (West Academic)
  • Exam Pro on Professional Responsibility, 3rd. Ed. (2020) (West Academic)
  • Gilbert Law Summary on Legal Ethics, 9th Ed. (2017) (West Academic)
  • Global Issues in Legal Ethics, 2nd Ed. (2014) (West Academic)
  • Law School Legends Audio on Professional Responsibility, 11th Ed. (2016) (West Academic)
  • Legal Ethics for the Real World: Building Skills Through Case Study, 1st Ed. (2018) (West Academic)
  • Legal Ethics in a Nutshell, 5th Ed. (2018) (West Academic)
  • Legal Ethics, Professional Responsibility, and the Legal Profession, 1st Ed. (2018) (West Academic)
  • Legal Ethics Stories, 1st Ed. (2005) (West Academic)
  • Legal Malpractice in a Nutshell, 3rd Ed. (2021) (West Academic)
  • Office Hours on Professional Responsibility, 1st Ed. (2020) (Audio) (West Academic)
  • Professional Responsibility and Regulation, 2nd Ed. (2007) (West Academic)
  • Sum and Substance Audio on Professional Responsibility, 2nd Ed. (2017) (West Academic)
  • The Weekend MPRE: Complete Preparation for the MPRE in Only a Weekend's Time, 2nd Ed. (2018) (West Academic)