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ENGL 786: Introduction To Graduate Study: Digital Collections (Primary Sources)

Adam Matthew Products

Adam Matthew is an academic publisher of primary source material.  The digital collections found here are presented in a similar fashion, allowing you to search for items based on keywords but also providing several options for browsing.  Additionally, if you find a subset of the collection that has material relevant to your topic, you can restrict your search to a particular module, theme, or archival collection.  Overall, this is a good option for gaining familiarity with digitized archival material. 
  • You can cross-search all of their digital collections through AM Explorer
  • You can find a full list of all Adam Matthew Products to which we subscribe in the guide linked below

Gale Products

You can browse all of the Gale products we subscribe to and find options for cross-searching through the Gale Product MenuThis includes access to NCCO, Archives of Sexuality and Gender, and many primary source collections including newspapers and periodicals.

Historical Newspapers and Periodicals

To learn more about using newspapers in your research, consult our Finding News Stories guide.

Government Information

UNC holds over two million Federal, international, and state documents, but not all of these are in the catalog. Still, the catalog is a great place to start your research, particularly for documents published after 1976.

A few other useful sources for finding government information are below.  For more information, contact our GovDocs librarian, Angela Bardeen

Readex Products

Alexander Street

ProQuest History Vault

About HistoryVault