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Indigenous Peoples of North Carolina: General Resources

A Bibliography of Sources Available in the North Carolina Collection, Wilson Library, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

General Resources

Newspaper Clippings and Journal Articles

Indians of North Carolina 
C970.01 I39 
(3 volumes)

These newspaper articles about North Carolina Indians through 1975 have been collected since the 1920s, though some articles may date back farther. These are primarily from North Carolina newspapers. Many of the articles are arranged by tribe. Articles from 1976-1989 are bound in with general subject clippings (CR917 N87). Recent articles (1990 through present) are available at the reference desk.

Bulletin of the Archaeological Society of North Carolina. vol. 1 - 4, 1934-38. 
C970.01 A66b

Nearly all of the articles in this journal discuss American Indians in North Carolina -- particularly Indian artifacts. Also includes site reports from excavations led by the society.

North Carolina Archaeology (formerly Southern Indian Studies), vol. 1, 1949 - present. 
C970.01 S72

This journal, published once a year by the North Carolina Archaeological Society, contains "information pertaining to the life and customs of the Indians in the Southern states, both prehistoric and historic." It deals largely with archaeological matters -- studies of artifacts and reports on recent excavations. There are, occasionally, some articles that approach the subject from a more historical perspective. The journal is also available online through UNC-Chapel Hill's Research Laboratory of Archaeology. 

Tar Heel Junior Historian, vol. 1, 1961/62 - present. 
C970 T16j

The first story in the first issue of this magazine was entitled "Indians in North Carolina." Tar Heel Junior Historian, published twice a year by the North Carolina Museum of History, contains short, informative articles on North Carolina history and famous North Carolinians. Pieces on American Indians are often included. The journal is also available online

Tips for Further Research

In the UNC Libraries online catalog, most materials on Native Carolinians are listed under the following subject headings:

There are additional, more specific subject headings that may also be useful for researchers. The following are just a few examples:

Archival and Digital Resources

The Southern Oral History Program Interview Database is an invaluable resource for researching Native community, history, and culture in North Carolina. To begin, simply search the database for keywords such as a tribe or a personal name. The collection can also be searched by ethnicity.

Research Laboratories of Archaeology at UNC-Chapel Hill

Search the North Carolina Archaeological Collection online

Collections to search via the Carolina Digital Repository

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