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CHEM 241: Analytical Methods

About the Science Libraries

The Kenan Science Library is on the ground floor of Venable Hall. See our library page for locations and hours.

Reserves and E-Reserves

If your professor has placed materials in Reserves or E-Reserves, here's how to access them. For E-Reserves, go to the Libraries' Reserves page. Click on the link for E-Reserves and Reserves Pages. Search for your course. (Choosing the department is often easiest.) Read and "Accept" the statement of use.

Print reserves can be searched for in the Classic catalog.


Copies of your textbook and other chemistry textbooks are available at UNC's libraries. You can find them by searching UNC-Chapel Hill's Libraries catalog. Try searching for "chemistry and textbook" (no quotes necessary) as keywords. If you want a specific texbook, you can search for it by title.

Since the Chemistry 101 textbooks are in high demand, some copies are placed on reserve. You can use these in the Reserves Reading Room at the Undergraduate Library.


Chemistry at UNC

Plagiarism and the Honor System

UNC Catalog Search with Links

Advanced Search | New Books | WorldCat

E-Research Tools

The Library subscribes to a number of E-Research Tools that may be helpful in your research. They are:

Chemical and Physical Property Information

Chemistry Online

The following web sites are great for studying or finding practice problems.

Spectra and Spectroscopy

Collections of Spectra

Spectroscopic Theory

Spectroscopy Interpretation Problems

Science Librarian

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ACS Style Guidelines

The web pages listed above only include selected aspects of the ACS style guidelines. For a more comprehensive source, see the ACS Style Guide at the Davis, Kenan Science, or Undergraduate Library reference desk.


Safety and Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

MSDS Sources to Start With

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) contain information on chemicals and their properties along with health, physical, and environmental hazards. As they are provided by manufacturers, there is no centralized location so you may have to look in multiple places. Begin with the sources listed:

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