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CHEM 241L - Laboratory in Separations & Analytical Characterization of Organic & Bio Compounds

About the Kenan Science Library

The Kenan Science Library is on the ground floor of Venable Hall. The Science Library Annex which holds our books is located behind Wilson Library on South Rd. See our library page for locations and hours.

Writing and Citing

UNC Writing Center


  • How to write an outline (video)

  • Why and how to create an outline (Purdue OWL)


Researching in the Sciences (videos)

Author's Guide for submitting an article to the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry

MLA Formatting and Style Guide (online)

About This Guide

This guide will help you find library resources for your chemistry laboratory course including:


Chemical Information Source      
Chemical Literature Sources
Laboratory Safety Information
General Lab Report Criteria
Writing and Citing Information
Instructional Laboratory Videos
12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Chemical Information Sources

To find the CAS number of a molecule look it up in the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics:

Finding Literature

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Kenan Science Library

Instructional Laboratory Videos

12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Image of laboratory beaker

  1. Prevent waste
  2. Atom economy
  3. Less hazardous synthesis
  4. Design safer chemicals
  5. Safer solvents and auxiliaries
  6. Design for energy efficiency
  7. Use of renewable feedstocks
  8. Reduce derivatives
  9. Catalysis (vs. stoichiometric)
  10. Design for degradation
  11. Real-time analysis for pollution prevention
  12. Inherently safer chemistry for accident prevention

For more information visit American Chemical Society

Laboratory Safety Information

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