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Chem 241H Honors Modern Analytical Methods

UNC Catalog Search

Using Find @ UNC

If an article search indicates we don't have an item:

1) Click the button.

2) If available, click an article link, if not, click the journal link.

3) Can't find it? Request it from another library through Interlibrary Loan.

Interlibrary Loan

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Can't find the article, book, or report you need at our library? You can request it from another library through interlibrary loan.


Citing Information Tutorial

Use the Citation Builder to format a citation to your chosen style.

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Citation Managers
Citation managers help you store references, format them correctly, and insert them into your own writing. The University Libraries support the following citation managers. Read this guide for a comparison of features.

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Sciwheel (formerly F1000Workspace)

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Background Information

If you already know the title of the journal, you can search for it by name in the library catalog

Here are some of the most relevant journals:

  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry
  • Journal of Chemical Education

Finding Articles

News & Biographical Information Sources

Zotero Reference Manager

Zotero is a free reference management system where you can collect, manage, cite, and share research. You can use it to store references, highlight and annotate webpages, and collaborate by using groups through Zotero's website. All your references will be saved to the Zotero server. Zotero works with word processors so you can insert citations into research papers and create bibliographies from your saved citations.

Add Sources Automatically:

As you browse the web, look for icons in your address bar. In this example, a book appears while looking at an item in the library catalog:

location of book icon in Firefox address bar

Click on the book icon to save that book to your Zotero library.

Similar icons appear on different websites like New York Times articles, library resources, or even Youtube videos. Here's some examples:

Add Sources Manually:

If you want to save something that doesn't have an icon in the address bar, you can also add an item to your library manually. Open Zotero and use one of these buttons to create a blank item: 

You can fill the item in with information like the Author and Title.

Manage Your Articles

You can organize your sources into collections within Zotero.Think of a collection like a folder.  

  1. Open Zotero, and create a collection on the left side of the screen with the New Collection button ().
  2. Drag and drop items from the middle pane into a collection on the left.
  3. Collections can also be shared with a group to add and edit sources together. Create a group with the New Group button in the upper left corner ().

Get your articles formatted in MLA, APA, or almost any other citation style

It's simple! Right click on any item in your Zotero library and pick 'Create Bibliography from Selected Item.' Zotero will ask you which citation format to use, and how you'd like the results saved. Zotero will produce citations in RTF (Word) or HTML formats. It can also print out citations or copy them to your clipboard.

For more help visit the Zotero Library Guide.

Poll Everywhere

Register for a Poll Everywhere account (free):
• If you have not already registered for Poll Everywhere for another course, you will need to register to enable your poll answers to be associated to you.  You must use your UNC email address when registering.
 • Registration instructions are available at:

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Writing Resources

Citation Builder

UNC Writing Center


  • How to write an outline (video)

  • Why and how to create an outline (Purdue OWL)


Researching in the Sciences (videos)

ACS Guide to Scholarly Communication
This online style guide resource provides students, researchers, educators and librarians with the instruction and advice they need to master the art of scholarly communication (publications, presentations, data conventions and communicating with the public).

Author's Guide for submitting an article to the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry

MLA Formatting and Style Guide (online)

Write Like a Chemist (online book)

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