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CHEM 290-Chemistry of Purslane

Portulaca oleracea

portulaca oleracea plant

About the Kenan Science Library

The Kenan Science Library is on the ground floor of Venable Hall. The Science Library Annex which holds our books is located behind Wilson Library on South Rd. See our library page for locations and hours.

12 Principles of Green Chemistry

Image of laboratory beaker

  1. Prevent waste
  2. Atom economy
  3. Less hazardous synthesis
  4. Design safer chemicals
  5. Safer solvents and auxiliaries
  6. Design for energy efficiency
  7. Use of renewable feedstocks
  8. Reduce derivatives
  9. Catalysis (vs. stoichiometric)
  10. Design for degradation
  11. Real-time analysis for pollution prevention
  12. Inherently safer chemistry for accident prevention

For more information visit American Chemical Society

Lab Notebook Tips

Making the Connections book cover

  • Making the Connections
    by Anne B Padias


Writing and Citing

UNC Writing Center


  • How to write an outline (video)

  • Why and how to create an outline (Purdue OWL)


Researching in the Sciences (videos)

Author's Guide for submitting an article to the ACS journal Analytical Chemistry

MLA Formatting and Style Guide (online)

Posters & Presentations

Design guide for Academic Posters

Design guide for Presentations


Poster printing services:

Spoonflower $18 (cloth, 1 yard = 38”x42”) + $3 shipping for 7 day standard shipping

VistaPrint   ~$25 + shipping for 36”x42”  ~$40 for 36”x42” (free pickup at the Health Science Library between 10a-6p)

UNC Printstop ~$48 for 36”x42”

About This Guide

This guide will help you find library resources for your chemistry laboratory course including:

List of Chemistry Database

Mendeley Reference Manager

Natural Products Resources including:

Understanding Medicinal Plants by Bryan Hanson (ebook)

Laboratory Safety Information

12 Principles of Green Chemistry


Chemistry Databases

SciFinder database has information on organic and inorganic substances, it covers a broad range of scientific disciplines and it contains information on chemical reactions, substances and references.

         **Please note you will need to register in SciFinder to access the database*

Mendeley Reference Manager

Mendeley is a free reference management system that allows you to collect, manage, cite, create groups, and share research.  Mendeley works with Microsoft Word and inserts citations into research papers and creates bibliographies from the citations.

Adding References

Download and add the Web Importer bookmarklet.

  1. Save the bookmarklet following the instructions per your web browser
  2. Find an article in one of the databases
  3. Click the Mendeley bookmarklet
  4. Review the metadata details and "save"

Here are a few more ways to add references to Mendeley.

Syncing with Mendeley Online

Saving your Mendeley Library online allows you to access your citations from anywhere.

  • Go to the Mendeley website and sign in to your account
  • Open up your Mendeley Desktop
  • Choose "Sync Files" in your Desktop toolbar
  • Your desktop and your online libraries are now synced, remember to continue to sync the libraries every time you make changes. Syncing is not automatic.

Cite in MS Word

To install the Mendeley Plugin you need to first close Word and then on Mendeley Desktop go to Tools > Install MS Word Plugin.

Mendeley will appear in MS Word References tab.

For instructions and screenshots, see the Mendeley Library Guide.

Journal Abbreviations for specific citation styles can be found under the "View - Citation Style" menu of your Mendeley desktop toolbar.

More Help

Search FAQ's on Mendeley's support site.

Visit Mendeley's Help Guides

For a more in-depth look at Mendeley's features, check out our Mendeley Library Guide.

Mendeley Citation Editor Instructions

Find and Edit CSL Styles

Natural Products

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Laboratory Safety Information


To request access to ChemDraw, go to the following site, login with your onyen and password, and follow the instructions. You will receive an access code via email to permit you to use the program.

Chem Draw is also available on the public computers in the Kenan Science Library and through the ITS Virtual Lab.

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