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Evidence Based Physical Therapy: Resources

Created by Health Science Librarians

Evidence-Based Physical Therapy

Evidence Based Practice: Multidisciplinary Resources


Databases and EBP Content Collections

EBP Tutorials and Tools

A few Journal Articles about Evidence-Based Practice in Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

Statistics Calculators for EBPT

Knowledge Translation Program EBM Calculators (Evidence Based Medicine Toolbox)

  • Diagnostic Test: Calculates Sensitivity, Specificity, PPV, NPV, LR+, and LR.
  • Prospective Study: Calculates Relative Risk (RR), Absolute Relative Risk (ARR), and Number Needed to Treat (NNT).
  • Case-control Study: Calculates Chi-squared and OR.
  • Randomized Controlled Trial: Calculates Relative Risk, Absolute Relative Resk, Number Needed to Treat, Chi-squared, and OR.

Diagnostic Test Calculator

  • Determines diagnostic test characteristics: Prevalence, sensitivity, specificity, likelihood ratios, etc.
  • Determines post-test probabilities given pre-test probabilities & test characteristics.

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