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Foundation Phase Textbooks (for Medical Students): Semester 1 & 2

This guide provides online access to textbooks for UNC medical students during the Foundation Phase.

Created by Health Science Librarians

Foundation Phase MS1 Textbooks 2023-2024 Semesters 1 and 2

2023-2024 MS1 Foundation Phase - Textbooks for School of Medicine

Medical Science

Social and Health Systems

Patient-Centered Care


Courses: MTEC 131, MTEC 132, MTEC 133, MTEC 134, MTEC 135, MTEC 136, MTEC 137, MTEC 138, MTEC 139

Title: ScholarRx Bricks

Students will prepare for all daily sessions in the medical sciences courses by engaging in content from ScholarRx Bricks, an innovative and interactive digital learning system. This summer, students will receive information via email regarding account access. No additional purchase is necessary.


Courses: MTEC 151, MTEC 152, MTEC 153

Title: The Social Medicine Reader  Vol. 1 (Ethics and Cultures of Biomedicine) AND Vol. 2 (Differences and Inequalities)
Edition:  3rd (2019)
Author: Oberlander, J., M. Buchbinder, L. Churchill, S. Estroff, N. King, B. Saunders, R. Strauss, and R. Walker
ISBN: 978-1478002819 (Vol. 1) and 978-1478002826 (Vol. 2)
Publisher: Duke Press
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Available for free at HSL:  Volume 1:
Available for free at HSL:  Volume 2:



Courses: MTEC 141, MTEC 142, MTEC 143

Title: Symptom to Diagnosis, An Evidence-Based Guide
Edition: 4th
Author: Scott D. C. Stern, Adam S. Cifu, Diane Altkorn
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9781260121117
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Available at HSL:

Title: Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking, 13e

  • Digital Access Card to the eBook, Lippincott Connect Courseware WITH VIDEOS (Bates' Visual Guide) Standalone Access Card ISBN: 9781975210793
  • With physical textbook: ISBN : 9781975210878

PCC is working closely with the publisher of Bates’ Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking to enhance our use of their resources, including a new online learning management system. Therefore, students will be required to purchase the eBook OR the physical book with eBook access through their system. As a result of our strong relationship, students will get the resource for 30% off list price. It is essential that students buy the book from this website to ensure access to assignments in PCC and to receive the 30% discount. More information will be distributed by email at a later date.   


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