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Foundation Phase Textbooks (for Medical Students): Semester 3

This guide provides online access to textbooks for UNC medical students during the Foundation Phase.

Created by Health Science Librarians

Foundation Phase Semester 3 Textbooks (for Medical Students)

Textbooks for Semester 3

Human Behavior in Health and Disease

Neurologic System


Reproductive Medicine

  • No readings

Clinical Epidemiology





  • Human Biochemistry, Litwack, 1st edition, 2018.
  • Fundamentals of Biochemistry:  Medical Course & Step 1 Review, DiTullio and Dell'Angelica, 1st edition, 2018, ISBN:   1259641899 (not available at HSL)
  • Mark's Basic Medical Biochemistry:  A Clinical Approach,  Lieberman and Peet, 5th edition, 2018.  ISBN:  1496324811 (not available at HSL)


Patient-Centered Care

Social and Health Systems

  • The Social Medicine Reader , Oberlander, Buchbinder et al.., 3rd edition, 2019.
    • Volume 1:  Ethics and cultures of biomedicine
    • Volume 2:  Differences and Inequalities
    • Volume 3:  Health policy, markets and medicine

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