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GSLL/JWST 56 Germans, Jews and the history of anti-semitism: Home

Group work

This assignment is designed to sharpen skills in using Davis Library resources.

1. Take a few moments to brainstorm at least 3 keywords that you think would best help you find relevant information about a topic for your class. Write them down in the space provided. 

2. Now that you have brainstormed those keywords, it’s time to put them to use! Find one book in the library catalog and two articles, one in a discipline specific database, the other in a general database. Once you have found a relevant title in the library catalog, try to find the subject headings within the record of the title. 

Scholarly Journals versus Popular Publications:

  • Who produced this source? Is the author’s biography (i.e., viewpoints and personal background) relevant to understanding this source? Did he or she have an agenda? Does the author provide a bibliography?
  • When was this source created? Where? 
  • Why did the author produce this source? For what audience and purpose?
  • Is it a work of scholarship, fiction, art, or propaganda? Is it a scholarly article or an article from a popular journal?

Types of Journals

Anatomy of a scholarly article (Source NCSU Libraries)


Background sources


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Interlibrary Loan

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