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Global Health: Guidance for Global Health Research

Created by Health Science Librarians

Questions to Ask Before Diving In

Below are some questions to ask yourself and your collaborators before you consider including global health research in your project, paper, or grant. 

  • Will you involve collaborators from other countries?​

  • If so, do you have an understanding of what resources are available to them? ​

  • Do you have knowledge of cultural norms or issues related to the topic you're researching? ​

  • Do you have the ability to include sources that are not published in English?

"Big Picture" Questions

The questions below are more abstract and intended to get you thinking about the implications of including global health research in your paper, project, or grant.

  • Who benefits from published research? Who has the resources to apply evidence-based practices?​

  • Who gets to be first author on a global health paper? 

  • What is the difference between global health and public health? Who benefits or loses from making that distinction?

  • Who has access to published research? If a global health research paper is published, is it accessible globally?

Further Learning and Resources