Implicit Bias: General Resources

Provides resources on implicit bias, also called unconscious bias.

What Is "Implicit Bias"

"Implicit biases are discriminatory biases based on implicit attitudes or implicit stereotypes. Implicit biases are especially intriguing, and also especially problematic, because they can produce behavior that diverges from a person's avowed or endorsed beliefs or principles."

Greenwald, Anthony G., and Linda Hamilton Krieger. "Implicit Bias: Scientific Foundations." California Law Review 94, no. 4 (2006): 945-67. doi:10.2307/20439056.

Test Yourself for Bias

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This guide is based on the University of Delaware Research Guide to Implicit Bias. Thanks are due guide creator Carol A. Rudisell, Librarian, Reference & Instructional Services Department, for the work she did and her generosity in sharing it.  

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What is Implicit Bias?




The books below are available in the UNC Chapel Hill Libraries. If you aren't affiliated with UNC, contact your local library for these and other books on implicit bias.


Online Courses, available to UNF affiliates, offers training in unconscious bias. Check with your local library for availability of