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Korea Studies: Open Access Resources

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Guide overview

Open access (OA) refers to materials that are freely accessible online and easily discoverable in an Internet search. Open access can be applied to all forms of published research output, including peer-reviewed and non peer-reviewed academic journal articles, conference papers, theses, book chapters, and monographs. More resources are available in the tabs at the top.

Resource Categories

Provides materials related to Korean history with both original and translated versions.

Provides sources of Joseon dynasty translated into Korean which are written in Chinese. Provides sources with Korean translation, Chinese texts, and original images

Provides historical figures, monuments, maps, as well as ancient documents.

History education site that allows anyone to learn Korean history

Provides sources translated into Korean which are written in Chinese. Provides sources with Korean translation, Chinese texts, and original images.

Provides academic research projects and columns for Korean studies, as well as  the historical data

Provides audio material related to Korean history, as well as ancient documents.

Provides mind maps of historical figures, the Korean documentary heritage, etc.. Separate pages with more information are linked with each part of the mind map.

Provides encyclopedia of Korean culture by category, type and chronology.

Provides information related to inter-Korean summits and agreements

Offers a convenient one-stop service to full range of major domestic, international and North Korean statistics

Provides all records of government from Joseon Dynasty to the present. Offers information on Forum and seminar

Provides all the information on the National Assembly of the Republic of Korea, including  policy data, parliamentary law, historical materials and government publications. Login is required to access thesis and journals.


Provides full-text scholarly articles for all disciplines. Mostly the articles are written in Korean.

Provides over 2,600 quantitative and qualitative data from all fields of politics, economics, society, psychology, culture, etc. with metadata (data information including research methods, survey contents, and documents used).

Provides integrated search by linking major libraries in Korea.

Provides papers, patents, and reports.

The RISS International service currently offers approximately 1.6 million articles as free downloads, another approximately 1.6 million open access journal articles, and 0.26 million research reports published by Korean central governmnet funded research institutions.

Integrated database for historical newspapers from 1,880’s to 1950’s in full-text with keyword, directory, trend and chronicle searching.

Provides daily news of 54 major media outlets in Korea including newspapers and broadcasting.

Provides newspapers from 1920 to 1999.

Provide all newspapers published by Chosunilbo.

Provides Korean movie, drama and variety in HD for free. Many shows and episodes provide subtitles in English and Chinese.

Provides classic Korean films with English subtitles from the 1930s onwards available for free viewing.

Provies information on film reviews from 1945 to present and upcoming filme festival.

Trial databases

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