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Kenan Science Library Makerspace: Write & Cite: Maker Edition


This page could really be called, "Write & Present & Pitch & Patent & Share Your Ideas . . . & Cite: Maker Edition," but that's too long! This section of the guide covers things on the written side of making, from researching existing patents to documenting and communicating your own work. Below, find resources to help with writing and presentation-building, tools for citation and reference management, and information on intellectual property and entrepreneurship. 

Communication Resources

Writing and Content Creation

Web Resources

Visit these pages to learn about writing everything from outlines to proposals to CVs. 

Resource Guides

These guides contain information about writing, citations, content creation, and design. 

More Resources

Invention and Entrepreneurship 

Web Resources

Innovation & Collaboration
  • Github
    A platform for software development, code-sharing, and collaborative work.
  • HTML5 UP
    A collection of free, customizable HTML5 website templates. 
  • Slack
    A communication tool known for channels and messaging. 
  • Trello
    A project workflow and organization platform. 
  • Canva
    An online graphic design tool with templates for different types of content. 
  • More Resources to Explore
    A list of "400 Free Resources and Tools..." in The Startup.
Patents and Copyrights

(databases adapted from "Finding Patents")

Resource Guides

These guides contain resources on entrepreneurship, patents and licenses, business, research, and industry. 

Citation Builder

Citing Images


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