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Equipment Videos: Home

Videos and tutorials related to using MDC production equipment.

Equipment Information

These pages cover basic functions of the equipment you can check out from the MDC. Use the tabs at the top to navigate to different types of equipment, or the links at the right to view other "How-To" guides.

Video Cameras

  • Canon M400, M500, G50, and Sony AX-33 cameras

Microphones and Recorders

  • Wireless lav mics, shotgun mics, and audio recorders

Light Kit

  • User manual for the GVM LED light kit

Canon Still Camera

  • User guide for the PowerShot ELPH190 IS

Wacom Tablet

  • User guide for the Wacom Intus Pro PTH860 tablet


  • User guide for the Epson VS260 projector

PA System

  • User guide for the Behringer Europort MPA100BT PA system

Green Screen

  • Tips on filming with a green screen

Podcast Studio

  • Video and notes on using the podcast studio

Audio Lab

  • Notes and information about using the audio lab