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Audition Tutorials

Audition Tutorials

Beginner and Experienced Tutorials - A collection of short video guides that will help you get started with Audition, learn to work with multiple tracks and use the program's basic features to mix and master audio. Experienced tutorials offer guides on advanced techniques for audio editing and sound design.

Audio Software Differences


Features Audition Audacity
Cost Free to UNC students; $20.99/month otherwise Free

Can record directly into app.

Can record multitrack with inputs assigned to tracks.

Can record directly into app.

Can record multitrack, but cannot assign inputs to tracks.

Editing Tools All tools listed in toolbar. Includes a razor tool that allows users to splice an audio clip.

Has a multitool option that combines the core tools in Audacity.

Certain tools (like Audition's razor tool) can be done via keyboard shortcuts.


Comes with several effects installed. Can add additional VST plugins.

Lists each effects currently placed on a clip/track.

Comes with several effects installed. Can add additional VST plugins.

Must go to History to see list of applied effects. 

Video Support

Yes; users can import a video clip and edit sound to picture.

Note that the video will not be exported alongside the audio.

No; only allows users to import audio files.
Export Options MP3, WAV, AIFF, OMF MP3, WAV, AIFF
Themes Can edit certain details of the UI, but not the entire interface.

Comes with classic, light, dark, and high contrast.

Users can download other themes or program their own.


Media & Design Center Staff

The Media & Design Center staff are available to answer your questions on using equipment, finding films, and creating posters or podcasts!  

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