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Media & Design Center - Labs, Software & Equipment: Panopto

Share media on Sakai with Panopto

Panopto is a media platform that helps educators and their students connect through video while keeping their content secure. Panopto can be used as a tool on your Sakai course site for uploading, sharing, and streaming video files. Visit the ITS Educational Software website for more resources on how to use Panopto in Sakai.

In the Panopto section of your Sakai page, there will be a blue 'Create' button next to the search bar with a dropdown menu where you can choose different methods of uploading media to Panopto. The 'Upload media' choice allows you to upload video or audio from your computer.

Clicking on 'Upload media' will open up a new window where you can drag and drop video or audio files. You may also choose where to upload your files.

Media & Design Center Staff

The Media & Design Center staff are available to answer your questions on using equipment, finding films, and creating posters or podcasts!  

Need instruction for your students in the Adobe Creative Suite or WordPress? We can help!


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