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Language Learning: Russian

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Kirill Tolpygo
Slavic and East European Studies Librarian
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Russian Language Audiobook

Russian Language Kits - The Media & Design Center offers a variety of Russian Language Kits to help facilitate in learning the Russian Language.

Russian Dictionaries - UNC Libraries have several Russian Language Dictionaries for checkout. Such as The Oxford Russian Dictionary and Elsevier's Russian-English dictionary.

Russian Grammar - There are many resources online, many of them free, to study and learn Russian. These are just a few of those sites: A Comprehensive Russian GrammarModern Russian Grammar, and Russian Language Lessons.

Russian Customs - When showing interest in learning a different language, it is important to also learn some of the customs of native speakers. Many resources can found in the library and online. for example, Russian Culture and eDiplomat.

Russian Movies -  The MDC also has many movies in Russian to help facilitate learning in all your language pursuits. Here are just few of the titles available. 

     Movie Poster for 12        Movie Poster for Solaris          Movie Poster for Elena         Movie Poster for The Return        Movie Poster for Hipsters

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