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Medieval Copper plaque showing a personification of the moon. The sky goddess holds torches in each hand, and she rides a chariot.

Plaque with Personification of the Moon, c. 860–90, Copper alloy, iron, and cloisonné enamel, 3 3/8 x 1/4 in. (8.6 x 0.6 cm), Metropolitan Museum of Art


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Historical Background

Medieval and Early Modern Art and Architecture are typically divided into several periods based on time, region, and style.

- Late Antique/Early Christian Art (c. 300-476)

In Europe, 
- Early Medieval Art (476-mid 11th century), which includes:
        - Migration Period Art (4th-10th centuries)
        - Hiberno-Saxon (or Insular) Art (late 7th-12th centuries in Great Britain and Ireland)
        - Anglo-Saxon Art (5th century-1066 in Great Britain) 
        - Carolingian and Ottonian Art (8th century in the Holy Roman Empire)
- High Medieval Art (mid 11th-13th centuries), which includes: 
        - Romanesque Art (11th-mid 12th centuries) 
        - Gothic Art (mid 12th-13th centuries) 
- Late Medieval Art (13th-15th centuries)

In the Byzantine Empire, 
- The First Golden Age of Byzantine Art (6th-7th centuries)
- The Second Golden Art of Byzantine Art (9th-11th centures) 


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