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Metadata for Data Management: A Tutorial: Data Repositories

Why deposit in a data repository?

Depositing your dataset in a data repository can:

  • Fulfill funder requirements for open and/or preserved data
  • Share research with a larger and often disciplinary audience
  • Improve online discovery
  • Increase citation rates
  • Preserve data for the long-term

Data repositories may require specific metadata standards and formats in order to deposit data. It is important to determine metadata standards used by a repository before beginning the metadata plan for your data.

It is important to have a conversation with repository staff about your project prior to listing the repository in your data management plan.  The specifics of your project will determine whether a repository is able to accept your data deposit.

Repository Directories and Two Local Repositories

The following websites are great places to start looking for repositories:



The following repositories are available to UNC researchers at no charge.  See the Choosing a Repository page for a comparison chart.