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Agriculture in North Carolina: Crops & Livestock


National Crop Production Annual Summary provided by the National Agricultural Statistics Service, including statistics about tobacco.

Hog Farming

North Carolina is second in the nation in hog production. Here are some primary and secondary resources about this important aspect of agriculture in North Carolina.

To see how North Carolina compares to other states in hog production, please see the U.S. National Agricultural Statistics Service.


National Cotton Ginnings Annual Summary provided by the National Agricultural Statistics Service

Other Industries

North Carolina Christmas tree production ranks second in the nation, behind Oregon, and the state ranks third nationally in peanut production. For a general overview of these industries, look in any of our reference resources, under the General Resources tab. For statistics about these crops, by year and by county, see the list of periodicals published by the North Carolina Department of Agricuture listed in this guide, also under the General Resources tab.

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