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Agriculture in North Carolina: General Resources


The North Carolina Collection has different bulletins that the North Carolina Department of Agriculture has published over the years: pesticide reports, fertilizer reports, land utilization reports, etc. The first two resources below are highlights of what the Department publishes--a good place to get started. A UNC Library catalog search shows a complete list of serials published by the NCDA in our collection.

UNC Catalog Subject Headings

The items in our collection are categorized by subject headings from the Library of Congress. Here are some main subject headings for agriculture in North Carolina. To use these headings, click on the links below. You can also go to our online catalog and type any of the following in the "Words in Subject Heading" field on the left-hand side of the page.

Reference Resources

These three resources, all available in the North Carolina Collection Reading Room, are a good place to start for a general overlook of North Carolina agriculture.


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