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Qualitative Research Resources: Qualitative Software for Coding/Analysis

Find sources of qualitative training & support at UNC. How to search for and evaluate qualitative research, integrate qualitative research into systematic reviews, report/publish qualitative research. Includes some Mixed Methods resources.

Created by Health Science Librarians

About this Page

Why is this information important?

  • Once you've collected and formatted your data, you'll need to analyze it, and most likely to code it.
  • Software on this page facilitates coding all types of data, including text, audio, and video

On this page you'll find:

  • software that allows you to code video, audio, and textual data
  • resources that will help you learn to use the software
  • information on how to acquire or use it through UNC*

*UNC provides access to some software packages for its affiliates, but the versions available on UNC computers are not always the most recent. UNC affiliated users can access information about acquisition of many types of software through UNC Software Acquisition.  Procedures for obtaining software will vary depending on the license agreement.  Discounts to UNC affiliated users are often available through these links.

Acquiring Software

  • Significant discounts are often available, especially to students, via the websites for these software packages.

  • Note: MAXQDA offers a Free Course License covering instructor and students for verified research methods focused courses:

  • Many packages offer free trial versions (terms vary). 

Coding Software

See UNC Odum Institute, which supports QSR NVivo, ATLAS.ti, MAXQDA and a web-based program called Dedoose: qualitative data analysis software.

Note that most of these software packages offer educational discounts and very steeply discounted student licenses (proof required).  In addition, some will arrange for free or very inexpensive course licenses.


Free trial version (unlimited time; fully functional, project size limits):

Available at UNC:


Starts with Free 1-month trial (then pay by the month for the months you will use):


Free course licenses covering instructor and students for duration of a verified, research methods-focused course:

Free 14-day trial (includes all the features of MAXQDA Analytics Pro (compare product features)  :

Available at UNC:

NVivo 11

Free 14-day trial (fully functional; you can switch among editions during trial):

Check UNC Software Acquisition site for special UNC affiliated user pricing. Note terms and version.  

Available at UNC:



  • Sign up for a Qualtrics account at UNC here.


  • This is a free web-based program designed for scholars who work with texts. It's not clear how many people use it to code, but it has various querying and annotation/automatic annotation functionalities.

Training Available at the Odum Institute

The Odum Institute at UNC provides training and consultation on the selection and use of these and other tools:

  • ATLAS.ti
  • NVivo
  • Qualtrics (for online surveys)
  • Dedoose

Paul Mihas, 962-0513, is available for consultation about these packages. He can help you decide which might be of use in your particular research and can provide assistance with its application. He also offers short courses on some of the text analysis programs. See the current Odum Institute short course schedule, or contact Paul to arrange a customized presentation to graduate or undergraduate classes and other special audiences.

Online Software Tutorials

The following links lead to online video trainings created by the companies who produce these programs. Note that HyperRESEARCH also has a series of hands-on tutorials embedded in the software, which you should be able to use if you have a license.