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Qualitative Research Resources: Software for Audio, Video, Online Surveys

Find sources of qualitative training & support at UNC. How to search for and evaluate qualitative research, integrate qualitative research into systematic reviews, report/publish qualitative research. Includes some Mixed Methods resources.

Created by Health Science Librarians

About this Page

Why is this information important?

  • CAQDAS, or Computer Assisted Qualitative Data Analysis, is a common practice in qualitative research.
  • Qualitative data can exist in many forms, including multimedia. 
  • Often your data will require some formatting or editing to prepare it for analysis.
  • Software featured on this page can be used to edit or collect audio, video, and textual data.

On this page, you'll find:

  • information on how to acquire the appropriate software*
  • resources that will help you learn how to use it.
  • UNC computers that provide access to the software

*UNC provides access to some software packages for its affiliates, but the versions available on UNC computers are not always the most recent. You can also get information on student/faculty/staff discounts through UNC Software Acquisition

Audio Software


Audacity, an audio editor and recorder, is free for all users, regardless of affiliation. Download free from link above.

Available at UNC:

Express Scribe

Express Scribe is professional audio player software for PC or Mac designed to assist the transcription of audio recordings.  Free and pro versions downloadable from link above.

Install it on your computer and control audio playback using a transcription foot pedal or keyboard (with 'hot' keys). It offers features such as variable speed playback, multi-channel control, playing video, file management, and more.

Available at UNC:

Video Software

Several software for making and editing videos are available at UNC including:

You can use these software on computers at:

Or, some are available to download to your personal device using UNC Software Distribution

You can learn more about video tools available for teaching through the Center for Faculty Excellence


Online Surveys: Qualtrics

Paul Mihas, 962-0513, of the The Odum Institute at UNC, is available for consultation about Qualtrics.

Tutorials on LinkedIn Learning

If you have access to LinkedIn Learning tutorials (UNC-Chapel Hill affiliates have access through campus ITS:, the site offers tutorials/online courses on the following--mostly multi-media--programs, among its more than 2,400 training titles:


  • Audacity
  • Soundbooth (available at the SILS library but phased out by Adobe)


  • Final Cut Pro 10.0.9, 10.1, 10.2
  • iMovie 2008, 2009, 11, and HD 6 (also includes tutorials on iMovie for iOS)
  • Premiere Pro
  • After Effects
  • Camtasia